Things that I have found quite interesting

Fairy Ice-cream

A Recipe for the Children

You can only make this if it is VERY, VERY COLD!

First get all your things together.

You will need:

1 Half a cup of cream(In the olden days, we saved the top of the milk for three days)

2 EITHER strawberry jam, or drinking chocolate, or two glace cherries chopped into tiny pieces

3 An eggcup( or two )

4 Half a postcard(any card will do)

5 A mixing-fork or spoon

How you make it:

Put one of the things in no.2 ( you will think of different things next time) into the cream in the cup

Stir everything together

Put the mixture into the eggcup(s). Dont fill them right up

Wait until it is nearly dark

Stand the eggcup(s) on the windowsill outside your bedroom(CAREFUL! Ask Mum or Dad to be with you)

Put a piece of card over each eggcup to keep your icecream clean and safe (birds love fairy icecream!)

In the morning it will be ready!


Eat with a very tiny spoon

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