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A Cumbrian Cure for Insomnia?

In Ancient Britain, the numerals were as follows:

1= yana
2= tana
3= tethera
4= pethera
5= pimp
6= sethera
7= lethera
8= hovera
9= dovera
10= dik
11= yana-dik
12= tana-dik
13= tethera-dik
14= pethera-dik
15= bumfit(pimpit)
16= yana-bumfit
17= tana-bumfit
18= tethera-bumfit
19= pethera-bumfit
20= gigit

In Cumbria it was usual for shepherds to count their sheep, using these ancient numbers, well into the nineteenth century.

Jake Thackeray, the great folk singer, wrote a song using the Cumbrian shepherds' numbers. They certainly have a rhythmic and soothing quality.

Next time you find it hard to sleep,
Use Cumbrian to count your sheep!

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