My Cat has Been Run Over


I wrote this poem after I found my kitten(called LittleLittle after a painting) dead in the gutter outside my house.

I was so angry !


O God who sees the sparrow fall

Did you see LittleLittle?

Bird-boned, brittle

Blown black handful of fur-and-feather-flutter

Dead and draggled in the gutter?

O God who stirs the heart in the blue shell

Did you forget her that she fell?

And has she gone


Sucked away into the Once and Then

Never again,

No more?



Wind-wild whiskering leaping loving inky spirit

Blown away into the dark?

Tiny black body lying underground




A stranger,stiff and stark;

I must accept you,since I hid you there;

Then why do I still look and long

For warm bones,silk to burrow in,a tongue

Prickly-licking,pencil-puffs of breath

Poking my cheek?and where,O where

Was God

When LittleLittle played with death?


Amazing that I still cry when I read this.....




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