Make Yourself a Jumping Jack


Jumping Jacks were popular victorian toys. They were jointed,and when the stick was pushed up and down they danced,jiggling their arms and legs in an amusing way.

I first designed this modern version as a paper toy kit,using split paper fasteners at the joints. Later,when I was working as a volunteer in the Education Dept. at the Tower of London,I designed jumping jacks of Henry VIII in armour. My favourite is of Henry on his horse- both are in armour, and when the stick is pushed up and down they gallop away in a realistic fashion. Later, I intend to publish both these kits on the website. They will be small-scale, but you should be able to enlarge them.

My kits are designed to work if made in firm card. Myself, I use stick glue and paste the design sheet to card, press until dry, cut out the pieces,punch or pierce holes at joints and join all together with split-pin paper-fasteners. There is an instruction sheet,again in small scale, but hopefully readable.

Have a go! Colour as you please. As you gain confidence you might try to design your own....


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