Bermuda Triangle



This poem was written in 1989,when George was visibly weakening and it was getting harder to be positive.


 God has granted us this

Dream holiday.....

Drifting idly off-shore

Far from the fruitmachine hullabaloo,the merry hysteria

Daily we tread warm water:



Content to be alive together,

Eye to eye

We drink up each other's sunshine,deeply love.

And hold our world together.


On the blue surface

All is well:

We bob and smile,and wave at distant observers,


With a brave flag of joy

To the curious,applauding mob.


Yes,we are truly lucky to be here,we say:

Lucky to be together

Rocked gently in our pocket of time.

How the sun shines!



We find we paddle with more urgent feet

To keep our hearts afloat....

We feel the grip of distant ice:

Although we touch,and smile,and love,we know

What lurks below:

Far underneath us,deep and greedy

Looms the dark.....

Before our package-deal of sunshine ends

We must make friends

With the shark....










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