More Rainbow Mnemonics


Roman Overlords Yclept Great Britons 'Ignobile Vulgus' (Virgil,Aeniad,1,149)

Rust On Your GPs Breadknife Invalidates Vasectomies

Redskins Offered Yankee Generals Buffalo-hides, Indicating Vanquishment

Revealing Openwork Yashmaks Grant Bedouins Increased Visibility

Rosepetals,Outstretched Yieldingly,Garland Bumblebees In Velvet

Rodent Operatives, Yawning Goodnaturedly, Bludgeon Insurgent Vermin

Rotor-blades Out-thrust, Yelling Grimly, Boadicea Impaled Victims

Rabbis Observing Yomkippur Grill Baconburgers In Veils

Robot-Operated Yachts Glide Backwards Into Ventnor

Rub On Yellow Goose-grease - Bronchitis Instantly Vanishes

Roll-ons Outrival Y-fronts, Gripping Bowels In Vice

Religiously Orthodox Yiddish Grandfathers Bob In Veneration

Rugby-playing Oafs, Yielding Goals, Batter Ill-advised Victors

Rising Over Yard-arm, Golden Beams Illuminate Voyagers

Registry-Office Youngster Gives Birth in Vestibule

Rejoice, O Ye Galilean Band, In Victory!

Rinse Out your Gallstones By Imbibing Vitriol

Revolutionaries, Oiling Yesterday's Guillotine-Blade, Interrogate Victims

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