I have a book called 'Snap!' In it I have written special poems,poems which have made me catch my breath,poems which echo my own thoughts and feelings,poems which have made me see situations more clearly.
Here is one of the poems I wrote in my 'Snap!' book:from time to time I will add more.

Questions of a Studious Working Man                  Bertold Brecht

Who built Thebes of the seven gates?
In the books you find the names of kings.
Was it the kings who hauled chunks of rock to the place?
And Babylon,many times demolished,
Who raised it up again so many times?
In what houses
Of gold-glittering Lima did the builders live?
Where,the evening that the Great Wall of China was finished,
Did the masons go?
Great Rome Is full of triumphal arches.
Over whom
Did the Caesars triumph?
Had Byzantium,much praised in song,
Only palaces for its inhabitants?
Even in fabulous Atlantis,
The very night the ocean engulfed it,
The drowning still roared for their slaves.
Young Alexander conquered India.
Was it he alone?
Caesar defeated the Gauls.
Did he not have a cook at least in his service?
Philip of Spain wept when his Armada
Had sunk.
Was he the only one to weep?
Frederick the Second won the Seven Years' War.
Who else won that war?

Every page a victory.
Who cooked the feast for the victors?

Every ten years a great man.
Who paid the bill?

So many accounts.
So many questions.

Translated by Yvonne Kapp.

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