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A Henry VIII Jumping Jack

Henry VIII and the 1540 Armour

In his youth Henry led an active and vigorous life, hunting, riding and sword-fighting.
He had several sets of armour, made especially for him; this is one of them.

The jumping-jack is one of three I made, in paper kit form, when I was a volunteer at the Tower of London.
There is an excellent Education Department there,and during the week classes of children visit to study.
I made costume doll-kits and story-boards too.

Why not try to make this for yourself?
You should be able to stretch the images and follow the instructions.
I really enjoy drawing in black ink (perhaps you can tell!).
You will need a piece of firm white card, stick glue, sharp scissors and split-pin paper-fasteners.
The jumping jack works well. If you strengthen the stick it will last longer.

On the cover page of the booklet I drew Henry VIII standing in front of the Tower of London(right) and All Hallows Barking Church(left). At the time I was a regular attender.
I drew the church as it was in Tudor times. The distinctive tower can be seen on many old maps of the city.
The children enjoyed colouring the King's robes.

I hope you enjoy making this. There are more to come!


#2 Audrey Deal 2012-08-05 14:20
Pleased you like this drawing. The church had that particular tower in tudor times, and it can be seen on several old prints of the city. In fact it is still one of the oldest brick towers in London, although there is now a spire. If you are ever in the city, look at the staircase, which Samuel Pepyswrites about in his diary . He says he went up it to look at the damage done by the Great Fire!
#1 John 2012-08-05 11:59
I love these drawings, so talented!

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