Appropriate Authors

This was my favourite Christmas Card. I hope you can read the titles!

The Forger by Fay Kingham

Love on the Rebound by Rick O'Shea

Cliff Tragedy by Eileen Dover

A Life of Crime by Robin Banks

Dental Surgery by Phil McAvity

Slimming by Lena Boddie

Village Transport by Orson Carte

Better Gardening by Anita Lawn

DIY by Andy Man

Carpet Fitting by Walter Wall

The Barmaid by Phyllis Glass

The Choirboy by Topsy Sharpe

Cutting it Fine by Moses Lawn

Consumer Guide to Credit by Owen Munny

Diagonals by Chris Cross

Spring in the Country by Theresa Greene

The American South by Louise Yanner

After the Storm by Rufus Quick

My dreadful Marriage by Ellen Back

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