An Alphabetical Advertisement

Here is an advertisement which appeared in The Times in 1842.

At that time J was considered an optional letter,hence its absence.

                       TO WIDOWERS AND SINGLE GENTLEMEN - WANTED by a lady, a SITUATION

to superintend the household and preside at table.

She is Agreeable, Becoming, Careful, Desirable, English, Facetious,Generous, Honest, Industrious, Keen, Lively, Merry, Natty, Obedient, Philosophic, Quiet, Regular, Sociable,Tasteful, Useful, Vivacious, Womanish, Xantippish, Youthful, Zealous, &c.

Obviously she was also an Alphabetician.

I decided to try this, describing myself as honestly as possible.
Before I begin I should like to opt out of X and Y and Z!
            I think I am:
            GOOD THINGS
Affectionate, Bookish, Curious, Determined, Enthusiastic, Faithful, Gregarious, Honest, Imaginative, Just, Kindhearted, Loyal, Motivated, Nonconformist, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Questioning, Reliable, Sensitive, Truthful, Unusual, Verbose, Wholehearted, Young(internally), Zealous.

              BAD THINGS
Ancient, Boring, Clumsy, Defiant, Eccentric, Frequently Foolish, Grumpy and Greedy, Heavy, Impetuous, Judgemental, Loud, Mournful, Naive, Odd, Persistent, Querulous, Rusty, Stubborn, Tiringly Talkative, Uncertain, Vociferous, Weird.

Obviously I am not an Alphabetician!

You try - its not that simple!

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