A Creole Christmas

I taught for several years with the lady who gave me this.

Her husband had worked in South Africa for a long time, and she was much travelled.
There is something ( for me ) touching about the simplicity of this telling of a familiar story.
For a while I thought of painting Mary and the baby in an African village, but never managed to finish the painting. 
I have photographed the half-completed illustration.
I wish I had finished it; I wanted to paint black angels too, in bright cotton robes.....

Here is the story, in the spoken dialect.

En Mary born am fus pikin, en wrap am na pieces dem,an lay am na manger cos place nor bin dair na de inn.

En na dis same country bin da shepherd,dem way bin da look ober dem flock na nit.

En,low,de angel of de Lord cam pan dem,en de glory of the Lord shine all ober dem,den dem fraid bad.

Den de angel say to dem,"Wona nor fraid,cos a face plenty glady to wone,way go cam to all man.

For pan wana,don born na de city way David da,one Saviour way na Christ.

En dis go lik sign pan wana,wona go fin de bebi wrap na pieces na manger."

Den wan tem,plenty,plenty angel cam from heaven way begin praise God en say, " Glory to God whey de pan-tap,en nar earth,peace,goodwill par mankin".

Den e de say as dem angel go,den shepherd say to dem sef, "Le wi go nar Bethlehem en si die thing way don de way God show wi".

En den dey go wit haste en fen Mary en Joseph en di bebi nar manger.

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