Things that I have found quite interesting

Did You Know?

These all came from 'The Book of Lists',published in 1984

The longest title of any piece of published music is: 'Green with Envy, Purple with Passion, White with Anger, Scarlet with Fever,What Were You Doing in her Arms Last Night Blues'.
It was written by Phillip Springer and Nita Jones in 1961.

The board game Monopoly is outlawed in Russia.

When Margaret Powell,the author,was a kitchen maid,one of her jobs was polishing the boots and shoes.
She had to polish the insteps,and every day she took out the laces and ironed them!

The word STARK is from the Anglo-Saxon word 'steort' meaning rump or backside.
So,if you are stark naked you have a bare bottom.

A hippo's stomach can hold 8 bushels of grass - it is 10 feet long.

The word clue comes from a much older word,clew,meaning a ball of yarn or thread.
Clues should be unravelled,not solved!

The pub sign,The Bag o'Nails, has nothing to do with a bag of nails.
It comes from 'The Bacchanals',from the wild festivities of Bacchus,God of Wine.

Among articles handed in to Heathrow Lost Property Office are:
               A dog's head pickled in alcohol
               A piranha fish in a glass bowl
                A wedding cake
                Three pairs of knickers
                An empty crematorium urn
                A book called 'How to improve your Memory'

Supercilious,or haughty,arrogant, comes from two Latin words:
           super,above,and cilium,an eyelid.
When expressing disapproval one raises both eyebrows!

The well-known statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus is not actually Eros at all.
It was erected in memory of the Earl of Shaftesbury,and is actually Anteros, the twin brother of Eros.
The statue was renamed 'The Angel of Christian Charity' bacause people felt the sensual nature of Eros was inappropriate when applied to a memorial of such a great philanthropist.

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