Name That Pet

I wonder why folk call their dogs names like Rover,Rex or Blackie?
We used to spend ages thinking of apt names for our different animal friends.

When I had an Animal Club at school, the children would all take great care to choose suitable names for their creature collection.

If you follow the website, you will already know the names of our hamster family:
                       Father: Milk (brown with white neckband, could have been Rev)
                       Mother: Biscuit ( fawn, goes well with Milk)

            Children: Petit Buerre(like her mother,fawn)
                        Little Marvel (like his father-a kind of powdered milk)
                        Gypsy cream(a lovely chocolate-brown,and of course another biscuit)
                        Ginger-nut (a cinnamon-brown with red eyes)

We also had a white hamster with pink eyes, Lily the Pink(after the pop-song)

               Our two terrapins were Gilbert & Sullivan
               Our slow-worm was Elvis (hip-wriggler)
               Our dark grey velvety rabbit was Lady Jane Grey

                         The rescued baby hedgehog was Milligan (Spike!)

As for family pets:
                                   The first dog,Eartha (a golden-brown beauty!)

Daisy,the white boxer: she had her two babies by caesarean,
so the female was Julia and the male Augustus.

Here you see Daisy enduring a kiss!

                             And here she is begging to be let in! 

We had three rabbits, Chelsea (bun), Honey (bun), and Bara Brith (welsh Bun)

                               This was Honey

China and Clay, boxer brothers, both white ( China, cockney for mate,Cassius Clay was a boxer, both bought from a kennel in the China Clay District)

                               They were funny little puppies!

Guinness, black English bull-terrier (black & white and had a good head); he was purchased with money given on my retirement from a Roman Catholic School, so the name was popular!

                                He is asking to be let into the garden.....

Abbey, so named because she had the colouring of an Abyssinian cat.

                         Annoyed at being interrupted!

Miffy Moo, derived from Smiffy, from Smith, because she was an ordinary-looking cat.

She was not by any means an ordinary character, however!

Animals are so individual and give so much to humans; surely we can take care to honour them with an appropriate name? 

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