Sponsored Polo-sucking

Another great idea for making money for charity is Sponsored Polo-sucking.

My class made a great deal of money in this way, largely because most adults think a polo mint will not last long in the mouth of a child.


With care and concentration, my class could keep the ring intact for twenty minutes.
The trick is to keep the polo resting on the tongue, whilst avoiding contact with the roof of the mouth, and reduce salivation to a minimum by relaxing facial muscles and quietly meditating.

Thus, I had over 30 teenagers in a restfully silent classroom for almost half an hour!

It was not just the charity which benefitted.....

At a given moment, everyone would place the polo on the tongue and close the mouth.
Every five minutes the adjudicator( me ) would walk round the room, stopping by each pupil.
This was the sign for the tongue to be extended so that I could examine the mint.
As long as the ring was unbroken I would nod,and the sucker(!) would close the mouth again.

When the ring was so thin that it broke, I would enter the time on the individual's timesheet with my signature, and that person's effort was complete.

Sponsoring adults were usually really surprised to find that they had signed up for an unexpectedly large amount.

We did this two years running, and in the second year sponsors would only sign for a set sum....

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