An Ode to the Queen on her Jubilee Year

Here is another jewel from the worst and funniest poet ever, William McGonagall. You will have to look back in the website, to 'A very serious poet', to learn about him.
This is his picture.

As it is Jubilee week, this tribute to his Queen, Victoria, is well-timed, although it was only her fiftieth Anniversary.

(I apologise for this, but I did warn you that you would have more of his work!)

Sound drums and trumpets, far and near!
And let Queen Victoria's subjects loudly cheer!
And show by their actions that they revere,
Because she's served them faithfully fifty long year!

All hail to the Empress of India and Great Britain's Queen!
Long may she live happy and serene!
And as this is now her Jubilee year,
I hope her subjects will show her loyalty without fear.

Therefore let all her subjects rejoice and sing,
Until they make the welkin ring;
And let young and old on this her Jubilee be glad,
And cry,"Long Live our Queen!" and don't be sad.

Let all hatred towards her be thrown aside
All o'er dominions broad and wide;
And let all her subjects bear in mind,
By God kings and queens are put in trust o'er mankind.

Therefore rejoice and be glad on her Jubilee day,
And try and make the heart of our Queen feel gay;
Oh! Try and make her happy in country and town,
And not with Shakespeare say, "uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."

And as this is her first Jubilee year,
And will be her last, I rather fear;
Therefore, sound drums and trumpets cheerfully,
Until the echoes are heard o'er land and sea.

And let the innocent voices of the children at home or abroad
Ascend with cheerful shouts to the throne of God,
And sing aloud,"God save our Gracious Queen!"
Because a good and charitable Sovereign she has been.

Therefore, ye sons of Great Britain, come join with me,
And welcome in our noble Queen's Jubilee;
Because she has been a faithful Queen, ye must confess,
There hasn't been her equal since the days of Queen Bess.

Therefore let all her lieges shout and cheer,
"God Save our Gracious Queen! for many a year;
Let such be the cry in the peasant's cot, the hall,
With stentorian voices, as loud as they can bawl.

And let bonfires be lighted on every hill,
And her subjects dance around them at their freewill,
And try to drive dull care away
By singing and rejoicing on the Queen's Jubilee day.

May God protect her for many a day,
At home or abroad when she's far away;
Long may she be spared o'er her subjects to reign,
And let each and all with one voice say - Amen!

Victoria is a good Queen, which all her subjects know,
And for that may God protect her from every foe;
May He be as a hedge around her, as He's been all along,
And let her live and die in peace - is the end of my song.

Here are two pictures of Queen Victoria, one for her coronation and the other for her second Jubilee.

In spite of William's doubts, she did reign for over sixty years!

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