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A Jubilee Paper Queen for you to make

While I was working for the Tower of London and in the Ragged School Museum as a volunteer, I designed a paper toy kit which was a dressing-up doll of the Queen and all her coronation robes.
The doll could be glued to card, and the different robes and crowns could be cut out and attached to the paper Queen.
There were explanatory notes on each page which gave a brief history of the robes, their symbolic meaning and their order in the service of coronation.
In the Ragged School Museum they had the drawings backed with magnetic material and mounted on a large magnetic board, and the children could easily change the crowns and costumes as necessary.
It was a very popular display.
In celebration of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, here for you is the doll with all the costumes.
It may be possible to stretch and copy the pictures, in which case you could make yourself one of the kits.

Most children, and some adults(of whom I am one) enjoy dress-up paper dolls! I have put the drawings in coronation order for you.

This is the cover of the paper kit. I used silver and gold pens,as you can see.

I put the Queen in very respectable underwear!

This was the most beautiful dress the Queen ever wore. She asked for it to be in the style of her wedding dress.

This is what she wore in her golden coach as she drove to the Abbey. The cloak was red, because purple was reserved for after the coronation service. Purple is the royal colour.

This pure white dress covered all her glittery robes, because the Anointing was a very special and private part of the service, when she dedicated herself to her life's work.

This is the beginning of the glittery part, when the Queen receives all kinds of articles,each of which has a symbolic meaning.

Soon the Queen will be crowned.

The moment has come,and the people shout"Vivat Regina!" -- long live the Queen!

There is a grand procession, and the newly crowned Queen goes out to meet her people.
                                                   GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN!

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