The Last Rainbow Mnemonics

Here are the last of my aids for remembering the colours of the rainbow:
                                         Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

Ratepayers, Owing Yearly Gas-Bills, Invariably Vacate

Reflecting Overhanging Yews, Gravestones Blacken, Infuriating Vergers

"Revenge!" Othello Yells, Goaded By Iago's Villainy

Romeo Overleaps Young Girl's Balcony In Verona

Ragged, Orphaned Youngsters Generated Barnardo's Institutional Vision

Rewound,Oscillating Yo-yos Gradually Build Incredible Velocity

Rich Oxford Yahoo Graduates- BA In Vacuity !

Revolving Observatories Yield Great Benefits, Improving Visibility

Rigorously Overhaul Your Guest-rooms: Bedbugs Irritate Visitors

Rotting On Yonder Gallows, Body-parts Imperceptibly Vanish

Retrospective Overdrafts Yield Greatly Beneficial Interest Values

Romanians Order Yeasty Garlic Baguettes, Immobilising Vampires

Racks Open Yawning Gaps Between Individual Vertebrae

Resolutions, Offered Yearly, Get Broken In Vanloads!

And lastly,my only ever DOUBLE mnemonic...

Released Only Yesterday,Gaol-bird Burgles Indigent Veterans---
Reoffending On Your Grandparents Betokens Incredible Villainy!

I am so busy now with my website that I fear I may not add to this collection! 

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