Words for Food

Here are some interesting words for food, from dialect or past times....

Belly-timber: food

Carbando: meat broiled over coals

Critouns: frying-pan refuse

Earth-apple: a potato

Froise: a pancake with bacon cooked in (yum!)

Gallimaufry: a hash of several sorts of meats

Hodgepudding: a pudding of many ingredients

Hogoo: a highly flavoured dish

Juncate: cheesecake

Kissing-comfit: a small confection used to sweeten the breath

KISSINGCRUST: crust formed when two loaves of bread touch in the oven

Lubber-wort: food of little or no nutritional value

Lunch(luncheon): as much food as one's hand can hold

Maw-wallop: a badly cooked mess of food

Nunchion: food eaten between meals

Opsony: anything eaten on bread

Panado: food made by boiling bread in water

Pinionade: a conserve made with pine nuts

Prog: food

Puddingpie: pudding with meat baked in

Rosee: a dish flavoured with rose petals

Sambocade: a fritter flavoured with elder flowers

Scandal broth: tea

Shive: a slice of bread

Sillabub: a drink of milk and spiced cider

Sippet: a small piece of bread for dipping into soup or gravy

Spoonmeat: liquid food: food eaten with a spoon

Succade: fruit preserved in jelly

Sucket: a sweet

Voidee: a parting dish( consumed at leavetaking or at bedtime)

Whitemeat: food made of milk

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