Tom Swifties

In the 1920s Edward Statemeyer published a series of books containing puns based on adverbs or adverbial phrases.
Here are some examples.
You could try to make your own.

"I'll try to dig up a couple of friends," said Tom gravely.

"How about a game of draughts?" asked Tom airily.

"Turn on the radio," said Tom with a short wave.

"I got the first three wrong," said Tom forthrightly.

"Drei....funf," said Tom fearlessly.

"Let's trap that sick bird," said Tom illegally.

"Zero," said Tom naughtily.

"Xs and," said Tom wisely.

"I've just had a serious operation," said Tom half-heartedly.

"I can't find the apples," said Tom fruitlessly.

"Brothers," said Tom grimly.

"I bequeath," said Tom willingly.

"Drop that gun!" said Tom disarmingly.

"I like to go camping," said Tom intently.

"This bacon is burnt," said Tom with panache.

"That's a very large herring," said Tom superficially.

"Pass the cards," said Tom ideally.

"And lose a few,"" said Tom winsomely.

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