A Collection of Unusual Words

From time to time one meets with a word which is a complete surprise, a word which was until that moment hidden in a dictionary, unheard and unappreciated.
That is the time to bring it out into the open, to use it in conversation, to introduce it to the world.
Here are a few for you to liberate.
Try one or two and impress your neighbours!

Brannigan         A drinking spree

Chad                The tiny bits of paper left over from punching data cards

Defenestration     The act of throwing someone or something out of a window

Disrhythmia          Jet lag

Ephelides              Freckles

Formication              The feeling that insects are crawling over you

Hypnopedia              Learning while asleep (by listening to a recording, etc.)

Insilium                    Legal term for evil advice or counsel

Jen                          A compassionate love for humanity

Kloof                       A deep ravine

Lapidation                The act of stoning a person to death

Meteorism                A tendency to uncontrollable passing of intestinal gas

Omnistrain                The stresses of modern life

Pogonophile               Someone who loves beards

Rusticate                To go to the country

Snurp                     To become shrivelled or wrinkled

Sockdologer          A decisive blow or answer that settles a dispute

Trilemma               A situation in which one has difficulty in choosing between three alternatives
                             (cf. dilemma).

Ucalegon                A neighbour whose house is on fire

Velleity                   A wish or desire unaccompanied by action to obtain same

Wynd                     A very narrow street

Yatter               To make idle chatter

Yerk                  To beat someone vigorously

Zoosemiotics       The study of communication between animals

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