An interesting connection

I have always been fascinated by the biblical connection with champagne.
Where does it come from?
I could easily find the names for the sizes of champagne bottles, and who the people were, but nowhere yet have I found a reason for the choice.

Quarter bottle 0.2 litres
Half bottle 0.375 litres
Bottle 0.75 litres

1 MAGNUM 55 ounces
2 bottles
1.5 litres


108 ounces
4 bottles
3 litres

Actually Jeroboam II King of Israel 753 BC

Jeroboam was not one of the kindly-remembered kings of Israel.
He made Shechem his capital, set up Golden Calves for worship, and tried to lead the Israelites away from the worship of God in the Temple at Jerusalem.
He was known as the King who 'caused Israel to sin.'


163 ounces
6 bottles
4.5 litres

Son of Solomon King of Judah 933 BC

Rehoboam taxed the people heavily.
In the 5th year of his reign Israel was invaded by Shishaq, King of Egypt, and Rehoboam gave him all the treasures of the Temple.
During his reign he had 18 wives and 60 concubines, who gave him 28 sons and 60 daughters.


216.4 ounces
8 bottles
6 litres

Antediluvian patriarch,said to have lived 969 years.

This giant tortoise, born in1881 in the Galapagos Islands, named after the long-lived biblical character, died in 2011 at the ripe old age of 130.
A large statue of him is planned in Rapid City, South Dakota, where he was a popular sight at the Reptile Centre.


324.5 ounces
12 bottles
9 litres

Assyrian monarch, reigned 1250 BC
Seven Assyrian kings were named Shalmanazar.


432.7 ounces
16 bottles
12 litres

Traditionally, one of the three Wise Men
This is an ancient mosaic of the Magi.



541 ounces
20 bottles
15 litres

King of the Chaldean Empire
Reigned 604 BC to 562 BC.

Best known for the Hanging Gardens.
Conquered Judah and Jerusalem, destroying the Temple and deporting large numbers of citizens.

Yet another wicked king after whom a large champagne bottle is named!

But WHY?


#1 Mary Macdonald 2012-08-10 21:49
Very interesting! I love the diversity and eclectic nature of your articles! Learning more QI (or is it VI...) facts every day... Excellent stuff.

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