A US Puzzle Poem

Can you read this poem?

It is called: SIX STATES OF MIND

When its dry in Bangor, ME,

Farmers there can feel the PE.

But they dont gripe or groan,

And they dont mope or moan,

They just kneel and pray for RE.

Folks down in Atlanta, GA

Fear the mad Lucrezia BA.

Theyll all quickly say

You'd best run away

When you see her coming TA.

The oilmen down in Dallas,TX

All say,"There ain't a thing can VX.

We flourish and thrive

And all of us drive

A Rolls, a Cadillac, or LX."

Now when you visit Dover, DE,

Be very sure you are WE

That a modest skirt

And a clean white shirt

Are what a well-dressed gal and FE.

The food in Detroit,MI

Is great, and how I WI

To have some pastrami

With Polish salami--

- I'd love that tasty DI.

A tenor in Wichita, KS

In each song sings all of the STS,

And has been known to gloat

That his very top note

Is much higher than Mario LS.

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