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More Novelty Cakes

A while ago I showed you pictures of a few of the cakes I have made over the years.
Here are some more.
Birthday cakes were designed according to the interests of the recipient.
Hence, Superted for one grandson and an Batman for another; plastic straws represent the ropes, and the basket was a victoria sponge.
Just write the name and age on the balloon before it is inflated.

There is nothing difficult about any of this-- you need a slab of cake, butter or fondant icing, and confidence!

One of my favourites was an 'English breakfast cake,' based on a chocolate flapjack made in a round, flat tin.
I used fondant icing, and the usual food colourings, and was quite pleased with the result.
It was more a work of art than a cake.
I had great fun trying to get the bacon slices the right colour, and making the whites of the egg curve naturally at the edges.
The 'sausage' had a Twix bar inside, and the handle of the 'frying-pan' was made of two Twix bars, wrapped, with the candles in a neat row.
It was a cake for someone who was growing up fast, so not too childish( or thats what I thought ).

The next one was our silver wedding cake.
I had just taught myself how to make sugar roses, and you can just see some of the heart-shaped biscuits I made, which had sugar roses too.
I always did overdo everything!
As you can see, I enjoyed basketwork icing.
This was royal icing, of course, and rich fruit-cake inside with marzipan ( which I dont like, but it must be done for a smooth icing surface).

The chocolate-box is one of the easiest cakes to make, and looks very neat.
You simply need a slab of cake, chocolates, and cardboard for the lid.
If you like, you can buy a box of chocolates.
Then you will have the shaped brown shiny inside paper to put the chocolates in, and you can cover the lid with fondant icing.
The Atlas was made of a sponge slab,with cream and jam filling, then butter-iced, and I drew the world freehand ( not perhaps entirely accurately ).

If you have never tried making fun cakes before, please have a go! It is such fun, and gives such pleasure!


#2 Audrey Deal 2012-08-27 09:47
Quoting Mary Macdonald:
Those eggs are amazing!!

And such fun to make!
#1 Mary Macdonald 2012-08-26 16:49
Those eggs are amazing!!

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