Autumn Reflections

To be at the autumnal end of one's life journey is to be aware,every morning, of the approach of winter and the terminus.

This makes Autumn colours even more beautiful, and each late shaft of sunlight warmer and more illuminating.

Here is my haiku for the month of October.

Damp, misty woodsmell,

Trees ankledeep in cornflakes

-Crackle underfoot.

The poem which follows has been on my website before.
It is from many years ago.
It was written in my head as we travelled through Epping Forest on our way to visit George's mother, who was in hospital.
She was terminally ill, and undefeated, and the carpet of golden leaves put these thoughts into my head.

To the very end the humblest of lives can be a celebration of the beauty of our world.

Each golden day, each falling leaf, is such a gift.....

Autumn Leaves

Dropping into the silence of the wood,

Dipping a golden curtsey to the dark,

Lighting a brief and solitary spark,

Dear autumn leaves,your courage does us good:

Reminding us that, through the blackest night,

Others have made their way with braver faces,

To set their tiny flames in shadowed places;

And ---see! Where darkness was, is candle-light....

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