Here's a bit of fun for you.
A Grammagram is an RT word, made of letters which are pronounced aloud.
NE person can use a grammagam.
Write an SA using grammagrams and you will be the NV of your friends and will amaze your NMEE.

Here are some three-syllable grammagrams:
(escapee, devious, opium, odious).

Here are some four-syllable grammagrams which you can translate for yourself!

And here is a cafe conversation:
Diner: FUNEX?
Server: (y)SVFX
Diner: FUNEM?
Server: (y)SVFM


The following poem was published in the Woman's Home Companion in July, 1903:

ICQ out so that I can CU have fun translating the sound FX of this poem:

The farmer has no EZ life.
The CD sows will rot;
And when at EV rests from strife,
His bones will AK lot.

In DD has to struggle hard
To EK living out;
If IC frosts do not retard His crops,
there'll BA drought.

The hired LP has to pay
Are awful AZ, too;
They CK rest when he's away,
Nor NE work will do.

Both NZ cannot make to meet,
And then for AD takes
Some boarders, who so RT eat
That he no money makes.

Of little UC finds his life;
Sick in old AG lies;
The debts he OZ leaves his wife,
And then in PC dies.

I hope you enjoyed that!

The longest grammagrams are: XPDNC and OBDNC......

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