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A Very Strange Coincidence

Perhaps one of the most loved and well-known translations of the Bible is the King James' version.

Many people wonder why William Shakespeare, with his gift for language, was not named as one of the group of 54 translators chosen for this great work.
Now, here is a truly amazing set of coincidences.

In 1610, when the 54 translators were busy at their work, Shakespeare was 46 years old.


To find his name and remember his birthday:
Take your King James' Version bible and find PSALM 46.

Count down to the 46th word and write it down.

Now count up 46 words from the bottom, not counting Selah which is not part of the message of the psalm.

Write down the 46th word up.

You have written Shake / spear.

That isnt all!

Count down from the first word to the fourteenth.

The word is Will.

Now count up from Selah to the thirty-second word.

You have found I am.

14+32= 46 Will +I am, William.


He may not have been one of the translators, but William Shakespear's name is in the text!


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