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Catch a Cobweb

Autumn is a time for spider-webs in my garden.

On a cold morning they are strung on the rosemary bushes and my little christmas tree, hung with pearls of dew and glittering with frost.

Some years ago, I had the idea of capturing a web so that my class could see how wonderful it was.

I thought about it for a long time before I worked out the method.
This is what I did.

First I bought two cans of spray paint, one silver and the other black ( any dark colour would do .)

Then I found a piece of hardboard, about 12 inches by 15 ( again, it varies: it depends on the size of the web! )

I went into the garden, apologised to the spider whose web I had chosen and moved him out of the danger area.

That was the only unkind part of the procedure.

Taking a folded newspaper, I placed it behind the web.
The paper would protect the greenery from paint damage.

Very carefully, not too close, I sprayed the web with silver paint.
You must be gentle, or you will break the web.

The paint dried rapidly, and I had a silver web, almost as if it were made of wire.

Next, I sprayed my hardboard with the black paint.

Moving quite quickly ( it was important that the board should be sticky ), I carefully put the board behind the web, and brought it towards it until the silver and black were in contact.


I had trapped the web on my shiny black board.

I had the web on my classroom wall for a long time, and never told the children how it was captured.

You should try this.
Remember to apologise to the spider you evict.

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