Jumping for Joy

Here is a poem to cheer you up.
It will soon be spring!

SPRING SONG by Virginia Graham

Out into the garden below me
Came a little boy,
Say five or six, with scarlet trousers,
And the sun shone on his face,
And the wind blew up his hair,
And he jumped up and down
On the grass-green grass.

He was joined by a miniature poodle
Curly and wild, springily sprung,
And it too went jumping about
On the grass-green grass.

And it looked such fun
What with the daffodils and the sun
What with the pink on the almond trees
And the fierce breeze
And the boy larking
And the dog barking
That I thought I would jump too.

It seemed the obvious thing to do.

So the dog and the poodle jumped up and down
On the grass-green grass,
And I jumped up and down
On my best Bukhara rug,
And the gouache of Epping Forest by Epstein
Fell off the wall,
And the photograph of the Dowager Lady Reading
Fell off the desk,
And 'Bliss' by Katherine Mansfield
Fell off its shelf,
And a monstrous piece of plaster
Fell off the ceiling,
And my whole world spun
In a whirl of whizzing black spots
As shouting great shouts of praise
To the glorious spring
I fell to the floor.

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