STF 1983

S.T.F. 1983

Whatever my Dad did, was done thoroughly-

Sanding down first,and then the primer

And two good coats,

Enough to last through any weather.

Whatever my Dad did, He did well.

When it was the right time, He died like that:

(Perhaps he chose the time,

After his eyes began to fail)

Step by step,

In good order,

Clearing away first,

Cancelling the papers,

No more coach rides:

Priming us (If we had only listened!)

...'This was inevitable,duck...'

'Funny, I feel hot -I didn't think I would...'

And then two good coats,

Carefully laid down-

Courage and obedience:

An example to all of us,

Enough to last a lifetime.

Whatever my Dad did, He did well:-


In tackling even Death,

He did his best

To produce a good finish.

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