I cannot remember a time when  I did not write poetry. I can remember finding this in my daughter's book when she was  7:-

       'It is snowing, it is glistening,

        It is time for Jesus' christening'

and thinking 'chip off the old block!'.

There will be poems from other sources too,all acknowledged.

Jenifer's poem

This poem was written for me by one of the girls in my first class,when I was leaving them after 3 years in 1952. The spellings are as written.

All we have left are memorys of days gone by,

For now Mrs Deal you are leaving,and we must say goodbye

But I hope you'll remember us,the girls of your class

And not forget them as time goes flying past.

Please come back to see us, for we will all miss you,

Because you have been a teacher,Good Kind and True

To give this small gift is the best way to say

We wish you luck on this parting day.

By J.O.M. From: Marlene and Jenifer.

I still have the embroidered traycloth Marlene made for me,and two of the six green-stemmed wineglasses from the girls. And I have the class photo. There they all sit, hands in laps, demure and serious. They will be seventy-year-old pensioners now!

No,Jenifer,I havent forgotten you! Jenifer was short and neat,with shiny short hair in an Audrey Hepburn style. Marlene,her best friend, was taller, with pale auburn hair and freckles. She was in delicate health( she had a slight heart problem) and they were inseparable.

Such a lovely group of girls! I hope they went on to live happy lives.......