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I am , I must admit, far happier with pencil and paper than a stylus,partly because I like to have a point to my implement! However, I am determined to master this new medium, so bear with me!

Make yourself a Peg Dolly

The picture is of a kit I made to sell at the Church Bazaar.

To make one of these you will need:

A wooden Dolly Peg.


Two matchsticks.

Oddments of material,ribbon,lace etc.

Coloured pens.


The hardest part of this will be securing the matchstick arms. If you are really young, you might ask for help from an adult ( pick one who is good at this sort of thing).

Each arm is made from a length of matchstick. Take a narrow strip of cloth,use plenty of glue,and neatly wrap the cloth round the match,then round the body and round the other match. You are actually bandaging the arms to the body. Leave until the glue is dry. I used a correction fluid pen to make the white camisole buttons,and put a black pen dot in the centre of each. When dry, the arms can be moved to and fro. Be careful though!


I drew the face and hair,using felt- tip pens. The instructions give advice about dressing the doll,but there are no strict rules. You could make a series of dolls showing the changes in fashion,or even the six wives of Henry VIII! I am sure you can think of a number of variations.

Many craft shops sell packs of the wooden pegs.


Try this. It is great fun!