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I am , I must admit, far happier with pencil and paper than a stylus,partly because I like to have a point to my implement! However, I am determined to master this new medium, so bear with me!

A Henry VIII Jumping Jack

Henry VIII and the 1540 Armour

In his youth Henry led an active and vigorous life, hunting, riding and sword-fighting.
He had several sets of armour, made especially for him; this is one of them.

The jumping-jack is one of three I made, in paper kit form, when I was a volunteer at the Tower of London.
There is an excellent Education Department there,and during the week classes of children visit to study.
I made costume doll-kits and story-boards too.

Why not try to make this for yourself?
You should be able to stretch the images and follow the instructions.
I really enjoy drawing in black ink (perhaps you can tell!).
You will need a piece of firm white card, stick glue, sharp scissors and split-pin paper-fasteners.
The jumping jack works well. If you strengthen the stick it will last longer.

On the cover page of the booklet I drew Henry VIII standing in front of the Tower of London(right) and All Hallows Barking Church(left). At the time I was a regular attender.
I drew the church as it was in Tudor times. The distinctive tower can be seen on many old maps of the city.
The children enjoyed colouring the King's robes.

I hope you enjoy making this. There are more to come!