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I am , I must admit, far happier with pencil and paper than a stylus,partly because I like to have a point to my implement! However, I am determined to master this new medium, so bear with me!

Stained Glass Biscuits

These were absolute favourites with my three grandsons, and such fun to make too!

The magazine cutting is about thirty years old,and I apologise for its scruffy appearance!

You will need to collect boiled sweets in bright colours, and sort them by colour into plastic bags.
Keep them cool and dry.

Greaseproof paper or baking parchment will do to trace your shapes on, and afterwards you can cook them on it: remember to turn the paper over before you put the pastry on; you dont want pencil-marks on your biscuits!
For Christmas choose stars,bells,lanterns etc., for Easter chicks,rabbits,eggs or flowers,and so on.
You dont have to be an artist!

The biscuit dough should be soft and rich; press cookie recipes will do.
You MUST have plain flour.

With a rolling-pin crush the sweets thoroughly. Dont get carried away, you dont want powder!
But small,even fragments are good.

The procedure is simple.
Make a neat, firm rolled edge to each shape (remember the edge has to hold in the boiling hot liquid) and with a teaspoon fill the centre with crushed sweets in the colour you have chosen.
Not too high,or it might run over the edge.

I hope you can read the magazine article, with a bit of stretching.
I thoroughly recommend this as a cooking project.
You can even make christmas tree decorations that are edible!

Have a go, it's such fun.....