I have been lucky enough to visit a number of different places, some in this country and quite a few abroad. Sometimes I have been wth family, sometimes with school parties.

Often I have kept a travel journal- usually quite simple- and for special expeditions ( to Africa and Israel, for example ) I have gone on to make a whole book,with photographs and tickets etc. tastefully(???) displayed. I hope to add excerpts from these, and perhaps memories and anecdotes from my other expeditions.

Ancient History

A long time ago, before our caravan days, we would take a tent and have a camping holiday.

Even at five years old, Mary was a natural camper; she loved the countryside, and when we stopped in wild moorland would jump out of the van, kneel at the wayside and smell the grass.

i have very clear memories of this, because I so understood!
I never knew her to moan, however wet and cold conditions were; she seemed to enjoy it all.

The very first travel album I made was in those early days,when I had only a Box Brownie and photographs were small & black and white.
Even the most beautiful scenery was reduced to insignificance!
I bought a small photo album and illustrated it with watercolours.

In spite of the poor quality of display, I love the book,because it brings back memories of very happy days.
           The boxer, Eartha(named after one of my favourite singers) was our first pet,and she loved camping too.
She would travel on the bedding with Mary, and the two of them would roll about together behind us as we drove westward.

                 I bought George this new 'Caveman' pipe in St. Ives. He loved it!

Here it is then; our first big journey,from Dagenham to Lands End,over 50 years ago.....

We saw Stonehenge, went across Widdecombe Moor, climbed the steps at Tintagel,and ate a lot of ice cream.
Mary had a number of donkey rides at Clovelly. I think she would have liked us to take a donkey home.....
We arrived back brown and well.

We had had a wonderful time, and felt we were seasoned travellers!
We never dreamed, then, that we would see Africa, Romania, Israel,and much of Europe...