This category will house all kinds of language games and puzzles-anagrams,palindromes, spoonerisms,alphabet games and many more. Have fun! Answers will always come,eventually.

More Howlers from my collection

In Nature there is a lot of ova production,and that means the egg will be wasted

Grieg wrote sad slow dances in a cave

One of schuberts symptoms was the unfinished

Purcell played the soprano in Westminster Abbey

A mazurka is a kind of hat with fur on it

Minuets live at the bottom of the sea and live on small insects which they find there

Q What is a sea-shanty?

A A hut on the sea-shore

John the Baptist wore fur skins and a locust

Deacons were chosen to polish all the brass candlesticks

A martyr is a man who dies of his faith



When the boat is rocking help the crow not to be sick

Q What do the Irish use for coal?

A Blarney Stone

The beaver builds his home from long strips of wood. He uses his tail to bat the wood together

The lungs are beside your reabledes

Manure riches the soul

Ghats are little flys wot eat you in the summer

A dinosaur....lif standing in water, to take the wait off his feet

A hospital is where they boot you when you are sick

Another spring flower is the crocodile

Snow is on the ground and it makes your feet chatter