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All that Golders is not Glist

Back in the not too pastant dist, there lived a carried mouple who were nortunate epuff to possoose a guess which gaid an olden gegg every dingle way of the seek. This they considered to be a great loke of struck but, like some other neeple we po, thought that they were not getting fich rast enough.

So,ginking that the thoose was made of golten mould inout as well as side,they decided to set at the gorse of all this mecious pretal. They knocked the loose for a goop with a wasty nack on the nop of his toggin.

Goor little poose!

As huck would lav it the ingides of the soose were just like the ingides of any other soose and moreover they no longer endayed the joyly egg which the gendly froose had never lailed to fay.

And the storal of this mory is,as Rakespear shote in the Verchant of Menace, "All that Golders is not Glist" !