This category will house all kinds of language games and puzzles-anagrams,palindromes, spoonerisms,alphabet games and many more. Have fun! Answers will always come,eventually.

Howlers from my collection

Some birds mygrane because they cant stand the cold.

The people put rings on their fingers to help them find there way.

The rules of the countryside are,when you  see a snake going past you let him go first.

The amoeba engulfs microspic organists.

An evergreen tree always stays green and a deciduous tree peels.

The main difference between plants and animals is that plants get their nourishment from the ground and animals get it from tins.

Meteorology is the study of length.

Pathology is the study of roads.

Q Name 4 kinds of teeth

A Good bad rotten gold

If we didnt have any bones we would be a Flop.

Sperms have wiggly tails which propel them to their Destiny.

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